Ration Trials – Datrex Blue


Before a ration can be judged, the objective or the purpose of the ration must be evaluated. Will it be used for fixed, secure positions such as firebases, and walled/secured villages, or is its purpose to provide nutrition for day long patrols and other offensive operations?

For these purposes, a variety of rations were put to the test in both kinds of environments, one simulating a firebase, and the other simulating a full day of hiking over unforgiving desert mountains. The past September, Datrex Blue rations were subject to the test.


The study involved a variety of factors such as:
– Actual nutrition value. – Just how much actual nutrition is in the ration.
– Hunger satisfaction value. – The degree in which it satisfies the psychological feel of having eaten a meal.
– Thirst factor. – Does the ration cause excessive thirst?
– Weight/Space/Volume value. – How much space and how much weight does it take up?
– Taste value. – How does it taste? Is it something you could look forward to eating again?
– Price. – Can you stock enough of it at a reasonable price.


The Datrex series of emergency rations are quite well known among those who require emergency food supplies which need to be stored for extended periods of time in a compact environment where space is at a premium. The Datrex Blue ration’s usefulness as a purely emergency ration on board boats is already proven and is endorsed by the United States Coast Guard as a great choice for that purpose. So how does the Datrex Blue stack up as a Zombie combat ration?



Teams and groups hunkered down in a secure location needs to eat. No matter what a group’s strategy, any team that has any hope of staying operational for a long time will have at least one fixed position.
Realities of life in a fixed position during a Zombie outbreak will be one involving long periods of isolation with periodic engagements from outside forces. The Datrex Blue is designed for short term sustainment until rescue can arrive. One packet of Datrex Blue can sustain one person for three days without heavy activity. If human psychology were not a factor, taking in one of those 200 Calorie tablets every six hours for days on end could provide for a good food solution in fixed positions. However, because there is really only one flavor, the effect on morale will be disastrous in the long run. However, the Datrex Blue ration does excel exceedingly well in a completely different role.


The Datrex Blue’s compact yet high-in-calorie tablets are excellent for operations outside of fixed positions. At 38 grams per tablet, it is extremely light weight, and it tastes like a cookie. It does not need any kind of preparation, which reduces just about every signature there is. No light, no smoke, no smell.


So what does this mean for the professional Zombie fighter? It means that the Datrex Blue ration is the ideal ration for operations outside of fixed positions. Be it some kind of offensive operation or patrols. Also the ration does not induce thirst at any significant level. It will not require the individual to carry any more water than would normally be required on a hike.
In terms of fulfilling the sensation of hunger, it will not feel like walking out of a buffet, but it does get the job done. In a Zombie infested battlefield, just about everyone will be acclimated to the feeling of not being quite full anyway.
The only downside to them is that they are brittle so carrying them in some kind of hard case will be necessary.
In terms of price, a pack of 18 Datrex Blue tablets (each pack containing a total of 3,600 Calories), goes for $9.95. Granted, in a high-energy consuming task such as patrolling over rough terrain, or conducting an offensive operation to secure a key resource (such as an untapped water tank), the fighter will burn through the entire pack in one day. But even then, it still costs less than what most people spend for two meals at McDonalds. Considering that an outbreak is probably not imminent, even stocking two of these per month would result in twenty four packs by the end of the year.


Good nutrition value
Reasonable price
Low signature

Only one flavor

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The Spread of Disease – Self Inflicted

One of the most useful studies that come from studying Zombies is the nature of how diseases spread. Either by airborne means, carried by water, physical contact, etc. However the latest phenomenon in Greece has been self-inflicted infections of the HIV virus.

According to this article from the Mirror, about half of all the new HIV infections Greece are self-inflicted. A poor economy with poor job prospects have driven many to get infected on purpose in order to get monthly benefits and access to treatments.

Lessons learned from these incidents is that disease, and disaster for that matter, can spread by unforeseen means, and how one seemingly unrelated event can become the trigger for yet another disaster.

Courtesy: The Mirror

Courtesy: The Mirror

Preparing for the outbreak means being flexible, adaptable, and being open to consider the possibility of the extremely unlikely.

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Pre-Outbreak Comic #18: Foreign And Domestic

Trouble is brewing in the Salinas home.


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New server host for Zombie Combat Command?

Zombie Combat Command is evaluating the possibility of moving the website to a new web host. We have our own ideas but we want to know if anyone else who has had experience with web hosting would like to put in their 2 cents worth on which web host is better and why.

Any ideas? Either post here below or email us at zombiecombatschool@gmail.com

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A word on “tactical black.”

When selecting attire for your Zombie killer team, or for members of any group looking to survive the outbreak, which camouflage scheme to adopt will no doubt pop up at some point. This is a pretty big decision to make as it will or should determine the pattern of most, if not all of the gear that the team will use.

Tactical Black

Now “tactical black” may be something teams dealing primarily with urban terrain may consider. However, note that black is not a very good camouflage scheme at all. It doesn’t really blend in with anything natural, nor does it blend in well with most artificial things either.

Check this for example:

Courtesy: Stalbert Gazette

Courtesy: Stalbert Gazette

Compared to:

Courtesy: Wikimedia

Courtesy: Wikimedia

Deer are larger than crows but crows are infinitely easier to spot in any environment as opposed to deer. This demonstrates how tactical black does not help conceal except perhaps inside dark buildings with no light… which is exactly where you do not want to be with Zombies lurking about.

So when choosing camouflage, make sure you take into consideration the environment you are operating in.

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Pre-Outbreak Comic #2

2011.06.21 in the face wrk

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Zombie Combat Command Forum

And Zombie Combat Command has a new forum!


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