Welcome to Fort Clement

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Welcome to Fort Clement, home of the United States Army Zombie Combat Command, Army Zombie Combat School and the Zombie Combat Company.  We hope you enjoy your stay here.

Mission Statement: The United States Army Zombie Combat Command guarantees the survival of the United States in the event of any Zombie emergency.

Motto: Certus Victoria (Certain Victory)

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10 Responses to Welcome to Fort Clement

  1. is this a joint tasking? AF personnel would get a lot of use out of this, especially reserve and guard folks.

  2. Sgt horton says:

    If we manage to get some international soldiers, we can be the combined joint combat team. I ran with some hardcore Brits in Afghanistan

  3. SGT P says:

    can vets not able to join the reg army join the fight or will we be rouge fighters?

  4. Aryan Harney says:

    where is this based?

  5. Mark Gleeson says:

    I would like to donate $10 for 3 tabs when available. Why can’t I post or get a hold of you on facebook?

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