FM 999-3 Kickstarter

The FM 999-3 Kickstarter has begun! In other words, FM 999-3 Counter-Zombie Operations at the Fireteam Level will be available as a paperback book designed to fit inside the cargo pocket of an ACU.

rooftop team

Read the Kickstarter blurb posted below:

FM 999-3 Counter Zombie Operations at the Fireteam Level first was released by the Zombie Combat Command as the answer to the absence of a truly dedicated Zombie combat doctrine written for soldiers. When first released to the public in PDF form in 2011, FM 999-3 was read by well over 80,000 readers. Since then, FM 999-3 has undergone major updates and is now for the first time being released in paperback form for the public. Not a result of lazy recycling of old doctrine made for combat against human combatants, or a fanciful piece of work written by a writer, FM 999-3 is the result of extensive research conducted by qualified professionals. No fireteam, or fireteam sized unit aiming to be successful in Counter-Zombie Operations should be without it.

Run! Don’t walk, to back this project and put in your hands, the finest manual ever written for fireteams and fireteam sized groups looking to engage Zombies in close combat!



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