Coming Up: Zombie Combat Rations Trials

The Zombie Combat Command will soon be launching a series of trials for suitable Zombie combat rations. This study is designed for forward thinking civilians who wish to prepare for the possibility of a Zombie outbreak, and is for groups which wish to cooperate with authorities and actively seek out and destroy Zombies. This trial is not for evaluating field rations that will replace the MRE issued to soldiers of the Zombie Combat Command.

“An Army marches on its stomach.” – Napoleon Bonaparte


Without food, you will die. You can have all the greatest gear (and hopefully the training for them as well) in the world, but without food, your impressive 1,000+ Zombie kill count will count for nothing.

Most studies and simulations have shown that by far the most common form of violence in a Zombie infested environment will not be the actual fight against Zombies themselves, but for most civilians and government personnel cut off from adequate and reliable support,  between people.

Food as the Number One Killer

Food, or more like the lack of food, may possibly be the number one source of fatalities, and if not, will certainly be the most persistent source of violence in a Zombie infested environment. As most of the population in the United States (as with just about every developed country) resides in cities or towns, the vast majority of civilians face the reality of being in a very disadvantageous position when it comes to food, and eventually, water. In the opening twenty-four hours, looting and violence will be rampant, with food being on the top of just about everyone’s looting list.

Cities depend on a massive and sophisticated logistics network to sustain themselves and in the event of a Zombie outbreak, this network will cease to exist. This is the reason why when the United States Army prepares to retake an urban area from Zombies, it must ensure that supplies such as food, water, shelter, as well as protection, can be offered to the population it hopes to liberate. Without these elements, large portions of the local population may become hostile. Until this relief can arrive, individuals and groups trapped in these Zombie infested areas are on their own.

Those living within a hundred miles of a densely populated area will face similar problems within a few short hours.

Civilians may not have the logistical support most soldiers will have.

Civilians may not have the logistical support most soldiers will have.

Zombie combat groups should look to avoid getting involved during the initial chaos of a Zombie outbreak. A Zombie combat group is far more valuable intact than half destroyed by panicked (and most definitely armed) crowds. Avoiding involvement in the first few days and weeks of an outbreak requires preparation.


A Zombie combat group’s focus must be on both staying alive, providing critical intelligence to the proper authorities, and engaging in combat against the undead. Therefore, proper rations are required to sustain the group. The upcoming trials will help determine which rations are most suitable for these groups. They will be tested on the following categories:

– Weight and Portability: A Zombie combat group will have to be mobile at some point. To conduct Counter-Zombie Operations, units may have to leave the confines of their safe area.
– Meal Value: A new category developed by the Zombie Combat Command, this category covers how a soldier “feels” after going all day on one particular ration. Taste, thirst, and actually feeling full are just some of the factors involved in how much a packaged meal is worth.
– Force Morale Factor: A combination of Weight and Portability, Meal Value, and other factors which may be unique to the particular ration.
– Price: Every group is on a different budget.

No ration type will fit the requirements of all Zombie combat groups. One type of ration may be perfect for one type, while another may work for another. Most likely, most Zombie combat groups will want a mix as each have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Rations Being Evaluated

The following rations have been picked for this study:


Northern Freeze Dried Foods (Emergency Food Storage)
DATREX White Ration
DATREX Blue Ration

Results to come in the following weeks/months.


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