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Zombie Combat Vehicle

The Army has MRAPs, Bradleys, etc., but what do civilian Zombie combat units rely on? The very vehicles they own. The Daily Mail released THIS article, which shows detailed diagrams of some vehicles converted for Zombie apocalypse survival. Those considering … Continue reading

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Preoutbreak Series #15 – Prices Art Insane

Seriously anyone in the El Paso area taken a look at the gas prices since yesterday?? OMG.

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Zombie Combat Battalions – JOIN NOW!

  The 26th Zombie Combat Regiment is now taking in applicants. Go here: Earn your place in the only Regiment dedicated to fighting the undead. This will most likely be the only time in a long time for you … Continue reading

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Follow Zombie Combat Command on Twitter

Receive the latest in Zombie combat doctrine through Twitter as they happen! @ZombieCombatCMD Knowledge is survival, and knowing it faster is the difference between surviving and nearly surviving!

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The El Paso What?

El Paso’s new AAA baseball team will be the El Paso… Chihuahuas. El Pasoans are not amused. Specialists Van Dyke and Salinas are not amused either. This was CLEARLY not the choice of El Paso residents, the “opportunity” to name … Continue reading

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New Newsletter page

For those of you who missed the announcement, since September 2013, ZOCOM has its own monthly newsletter. Check out the page here for the archives:¬†  

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