A word on “tactical black.”

When selecting attire for your Zombie killer team, or for members of any group looking to survive the outbreak, which camouflage scheme to adopt will no doubt pop up at some point. This is a pretty big decision to make as it will or should determine the pattern of most, if not all of the gear that the team will use.

Tactical Black

Now “tactical black” may be something teams dealing primarily with urban terrain may consider. However, note that black is not a very good camouflage scheme at all. It doesn’t really blend in with anything natural, nor does it blend in well with most artificial things either.

Check this for example:

Courtesy: Stalbert Gazette

Courtesy: Stalbert Gazette

Compared to:

Courtesy: Wikimedia

Courtesy: Wikimedia

Deer are larger than crows but crows are infinitely easier to spot in any environment as opposed to deer. This demonstrates how tactical black does not help conceal except perhaps inside dark buildings with no light… which is exactly where you do not want to be with Zombies lurking about.

So when choosing camouflage, make sure you take into consideration the environment you are operating in.

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