26th Zombie Combat Regiment

Welcome to the page of the 26th Zombie Combat Regiment.

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Previously, the only Zombie combat assets in the arsenal have been Zombie combat qualified soldiers serving in previously existing units. The only dedicated Zombie combat unit was the experimental Zombie Combat Company which was essentially a test platform for new tactics and procedures. Although this gave the Zombie Combat Command great insight into how to create doctrine, the unit itself was not big nor mobile enough to really make a difference. This all changed in 2013, when congress authorized the creation of the 26th Zombie Combat Regiment.



The 26th Zombie Combat Regiment is made up of five battalions. One special troops battalion and four Zombie Combat Battalions, each with their own special Rapid Response Team (company sized). Attached with the special troops battalion is the 26th Rapid Response Team, the elite company sized Zombie combat response unit.


Soldiers who serve in the 26th Zombie Combat Regiment are easily identified by their unit scrolls which are worn above the standard Zombie Combat Command Shoulder Sleeve Insignia. Unlike the Ranger scrolls, the Zombie Combat Scroll is not a complete SSI by itself.


ZOCOM has divided the United States into three regions split exclusively by population size. These regions serve as a purpose for which States and Territories which Zombie Combat Battalion will cover.

ZOCOM regions

CENTRAL – Zombie Combat Command Headquarters, Zombie Combat School, Zombie Combat Regiment Special Troops Battalion (+ 26th Zombie Response Team), 1st Zombie Combat Battalion.

EAST – 2nd Zombie Combat Battalion

WEST – 3rd Zombie Combat Battalion