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Ration Trials – Datrex Blue

FOREWORD Before a ration can be judged, the objective or the purpose of the ration must be evaluated. Will it be used for fixed, secure positions such as firebases, and walled/secured villages, or is its purpose to provide nutrition for … Continue reading

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The Spread of Disease – Self Inflicted

One of the most useful studies that come from studying Zombies is the nature of how diseases spread. Either by airborne means, carried by water, physical contact, etc. However the latest phenomenon in Greece has been self-inflicted infections of the … Continue reading

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Pre-Outbreak Comic #18: Foreign And Domestic

Trouble is brewing in the Salinas home.

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New server host for Zombie Combat Command?

Zombie Combat Command is evaluating the possibility of moving the website to a new web host. We have our own ideas but we want to know if anyone else who has had experience with web hosting would like to put … Continue reading

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A word on “tactical black.”

When selecting attire for your Zombie killer team, or for members of any group looking to survive the outbreak, which camouflage scheme to adopt will no doubt pop up at some point. This is a pretty big decision to make … Continue reading

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Pre-Outbreak Comic #2

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Zombie Combat Command Forum

And Zombie Combat Command has a new forum!

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