Order your ZOCOM UNIT PATCH today!

Check out the CATALOG for details!

Download the .doc order form here!
Please email the forms back to zombiecombatschool@gmail.com.

Welcome to the Fort Clement PX.
Lost your issued gear or looking for gifts for friends and family?  You’ll find it right here in the PX.

For T-shirts, mugs, stickers etc., click on the image below!

Didn’t find what you want in the store?  Submit a request on our facebook page, or submit under the comments below!


33 Responses to PX

  1. BaDKaRMa06 says:

    how do I buy these shirts??

  2. Rene Moreno says:

    Any tabs or patches?

  3. outsider says:

    I see the crest and wonder if there is room for a 19D. lemme know, sergeant.

  4. Dan Dobbs says:

    A riff on the Chemical Corps Regimental device would look great on the back. Take out the dragon, put in a zombie, maybe (as much as it pains me to say it, being an old 54B and all)?

    • Gary Mann says:

      We use the crossed retorts with a bio hazard design inside the benzene ring. The 450th Cm Bn has 450th ZBRN t-shirts (Zombie, Biologocal, Radiological and Nuclear)

  5. Bear says:

    LOL – I love it.

    Just may have to institute this in our training program ….

    Hey Dan, I’m an old 54B too. When did you go through school? Winter of ’90 for me, at McClellan.

  6. RoadKill says:

    HOOAH!!!! 54B Here too! Ft. Chaffee, AR. Summer ’94 . Blew so much smoke, Highway Patrol shut us down!

  7. kris says:

    Where are the t shirts and coffee mugs at?

  8. thumphr says:

    When will the shirts be back

  9. Scott says:

    Need investors to get it started up again or something?

  10. jake says:

    when will the px be back and operational…its been awhile

  11. J says:

    Just found this site, when’s the store going to open back up?

  12. Spookdawg says:

    Um, that picture looks REALLY familiar… Smurf…

  13. Rakkasan says:

    Ay chance of getting one with the 101st tab

  14. Medic2006 says:

    Is there any way that I could order a few shirts Some with a 1ID patch and some with a 36th engineer patch?

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