Training Center (Fayetteville, AR)

Welcome to the training center.  Here you will find ways to better prepare yourself for the Zombie Combat School.

Ideally the Zombie Combat qualified soldier will have a 300 APFT score and will know the contents of FM 999-3 by heart.

The Counter-Zombie Combat Training Center at Ft. Clement, TX is not open to the general public.


Civilians and soldiers unable to attain a slot at the Zombie Combat School at Ft. Clement can get Zombie combat training and earn their Zombie qualification with Final DayZ. Contact Final DayZ on Facebook or through their website.



Point of contact is Instructor Mike Cunningham.

Final DayZ offers:

  • Survival techniques and training
  • Small unit combat tactics and training
  • Zombie combat training`

Check out their Facebook page to find out more!